Since 2005, as part of the association, we conduct regular workshops in education and rehabilitation for people with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities.

We provide daycare unit for twenty people.

Beneficiaries attending the classes are adults who have completed school education and have no referrals to the Occupational Therapy Workshops. These people, with significant or moderate degree of disability , are unable to work because of the nature of their disability . They require constant care and continual rehabilitation  that aims at  consolidating  knowledge and skills already acquired, and more importantly, is intended to prevent and delay the inevitable setbacks.

Therapy is conducted in three different ways, including artistic activities (workshops: ceramics and graphics), education (didactics and household workshops) and rehabilitation (physical activities including the elements of music therapy, drama and dance classes). Participants are also under the care of a psychotherapist and educators.

Morning Circle Class
Classes are of relaxing, quieting nature and aim at fighting stress. The classes operate in areas of assertiveness, creating personal boundaries, stress and anger management, perfecting one’s communication skills as well as problem solving and creativity.

Weekly group sessions and morning group meetings allow relieve any tensions in the group and to solve any conflicts that may appear while cooperating with people. The meetings have a good influence on relations within the group. They allow to relieve tension that is unavoidable while working in a group.
Computer and Media Workshop
The main objective of classes taught in this workshop is the acquisition of basic skills and knowledge in the field of computer and other electronic devices. This will enable people with disabilities to self-navigate in a Windows environment,  use basic programs of Microsoft Office and external devices.

The task, that the computer lab  is facing, is also positive directing of actions that  assist  the process of education, encouraging the development of interests, allowing the widest possible exploration of the world. The course is conducted  to support people in overcoming the problem of disability, motivate, educate, support and strengthen self-esteem as a person who is active and socially useful.
Interdisciplinary Workshop
The main goal of the program conducted in the workshop  is widely understood as occupational therapy. Actions taken in the studio have positive effect on activity, efficiency, self-awareness and reinforce the autonomy of individuals participating in them.

Classes are aimed at teaching consciousness of the surrounding world, careful observation, abstract thinking, expressing needs and realising  them, discharging negative emotions, searching for different ways to implement their projects  through e.g. the selection of appropriate tools and techniques.

The course is designed to promote relationships within the group, cooperation and interpersonal skills.
Extra Classes
  • Drums Workshops
  • Ceramic Workshops
  • Theater Workshops
  • The Bible Thearapy
  • Weaving Workshops

The classes take into consideration all areas that may be problematic in the process of rehabilitation and revalidation of people with mental disabilities and chain dysfunctions. They are oriented towards a holistic therapeutic, didactic, and educational activity.

The fundamental goal is to raise awareness and to train more positive thinking as well as optimist attitude. By means of cooperation, overcoming one’s fears, and increasing one’s confidence we shape a personality that is success- and goal- oriented.

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